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Best Places to Visit in Sedalia, Missouri

The Missouri State Fair is an incredible event, packed with competitions, exhibits and delicious food! Plus it offers tons of family activities! Don’t miss it this year – make plans now to attend!

Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site is one of the top attractions in Sedalia. This stunning home, built during the midwestern era, boasts 31 rooms.

Trail’s End Monument

The End of the Trail statue at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum has become one of the nation’s iconic images, symbolizing both cowboy culture and our western heritage. This one and one-quarter life-size bronze sculpture depicts a cowboy herding cattle along Sedalia Branch of Shawnee Trail – it stands as an indomitable reminder.

The monument features full size replicas of a water tower, windmill, locomotive, set in a landscape with native prairie grasses and flowers – each element symbolising the role railroads played in founding Sedalia and commercializing its prairies.

The Monument offers an exceptional environment for learning and recreation with its historic house museum and original landscape, providing educational programs for students of all ages year round. Furthermore, an on-site taproom offers self-pour wine, cider, beer, mead, kombucha – designed by Colorado Springs resident Mark Weese to emulate one of his favorite drinking establishments after mountain bike excursions.

Sedalia Area Farmer’s Market

The Sedalia Area Farmer’s Market offers delicious fresh food. Vendors offer meat, dairy products, eggs and produce for purchase at this market which operates twice each week from early May through late October at Missouri State Fairgrounds – it even provides organic options!

At the farmers’ market, you can purchase food with cash, credit or food stamps/EBT. There is live music, concerts and a carnival available as well as various crafts and other items for purchase – making this the ideal place for families to meet and have fun together!

The Missouri State Fair offers an unparalleled experience for visitors of all ages and traditions. Visitors can enjoy livestock shows, agricultural exhibits, concerts, rodeo and bull riding competitions, vendors’ booths and carnival activities at this annual celebration of Missouri heritage. In addition, this fair serves as an important platform for citizens to express their opinions regarding the 2023 Farm Bill during an information session held Monday August 14 at Nucor Directors Pavilion located near South 65 Highway main gate of fair.

Downtown Sedalia Historic District

At the center of downtown, this National Historic District houses restaurants, shops and other businesses reminiscent of its early days in terms of building facades.

Trail’s End Monument, an impressive collection of bronze sculptures honoring cowboy culture and spirit, should be on anyone’s itinerary when visiting Sedalia or its surroundings. It provides an invaluable glimpse into history.

Sedalia Area Farmer’s Market offers an assortment of local produce and goods. This market provides fresh food options while teaching visitors more about agriculture in Sedalia Area and farming practices in general.

Visit Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site to witness how a country gentleman furnished his recreational lodge – it serves as an excellent example of early 20th Century sensibilities in the Midwest.

The Missouri State Fair is an event lasting eleven days that offers shows, exhibits and competitions to entertain both families and tourists. Families will enjoy livestock shows, racing events and music concerts at this exciting fairgrounds event.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park offers plenty of family activities, as well as photo opps. Don’t forget your camera; Liberty Park will give you plenty of opportunity to capture memories that will last a lifetime!

Sedalia developed into an important railroad town over the course of the 19th century. Yet it wasn’t without challenges: during the Civil War it almost fell under Confederate control before recovering as a rail terminal and livestock supply center afterward.

Attractions to this town include the Missouri State Fair, which draws an estimated annual crowd of 400,000 people. Attractions such as the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival and Robert Woolery Sr. Memorial Pow Wow draw thousands to attend each year. Furthermore, Daum Museum of Contemporary Art and Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site can also be found nearby; Old Yeller and Rawhide have even featured this town!

Clara’s North 65 Cafe

Clara’s North 65 Cafe provides Colombian and American food in one convenient spot. Renowned for their home-cooked meals and friendly service, their prices are also very reasonable while the cuisine is tasty – you should try their grilled catfish, empanadas and pies as well as great coffee or tea beverages!

This fast-food chain provides breakfast, lunch and dinner in fast-food style restaurants. Their menu offers sandwiches, soups and salads, burgers, chicken, pasta and other dishes at reasonable prices – an ideal place for families with children to dine.

This restaurant is an enjoyable and lively spot where patrons can soak in its exciting atmosphere while sipping on a cocktail or beer, play a few games, or both! Their friendly and helpful staff offers recommendations while keeping orders straight – plus free refills on most drinks! Additionally, large groups can be accommodated here or takeout is offered as an additional service option.

Thompson Hills Shopping Center

Sedalia is an exciting community situated at the center of Missouri that boasts many sights and activities to see and do. Famous attractions like the Missouri State Fair, Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site as well as unique events throughout the year such as shopping and dining make Sedalia an attractive location to reside.

Since 1860, this city has flourished with several manufacturing firms, a two-year college, and numerous historic buildings. Thanks to its central location and Interstates 70 & 65 passing through town, the town serves as a transportation hub for five counties and offers travelers convenient stopping points along their travels.

Sedalia features a typically temperate climate. Summers can be hot and humid with frequent thunderstorms while winters are cool with occasional snowfall. Sedalia is known for being home to Minuteman II missiles stored underground silos at Whiteman Air Force Base that were featured prominently in the 1983 movie The Day After. Furthermore, Sedalia features the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art which displays artwork by Dale Chihuly, Sam Francis and Helen Frankenthaler among many other artists.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a favorite among residents, offering the ideal place to unwind and appreciate nature. Boasting a lake, walking paths and gorgeous landscaping that you can enjoy with a game of slots (Visit or 여기를 클릭하세요 to read slots portals reviews) – not to mention fishing spots or picnic areas – Centennial Park makes an excellent destination for families with young children and is easily accessible from city centers.

Economy in Joplin has evolved over time from its railroad-based economy in the 1900s, to include manufacturing sectors as varied as structural steel and aluminum products, air compressors, commercial food-service equipment and automotive wheels. Furthermore, Joplin hosts the Missouri State Fair and Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival and boasts numerous theaters and restaurants.

Sedalia, with a population of just under 22,000 residents, offers visitors plenty of leisure activities and outdoor recreation opportunities. A charming town that has evolved through history, Sedalia offers wonderful recreational facilities such as Centennial Park and State Fair Community College for families and students to enjoy their stay here.

Kehde’s Barbeque

Kehde’s Barbeque is one of the top attractions in Sedalia, serving delicious meats and homemade sides smoked low and slow over hickory wood for an irresistibly smoky flavor. Additionally, they have an incredible dessert selection with apple dumpling and homemade pie available as options.

Sedalia was established by General George Rappeen Smith in 1857 under its original name of Sedville. Over time, Sedalia flourished along the Missouri Pacific Railroad right-of-way, serving as a Union military post during American Civil War and being raided by Confederate General Sterling Price’s troops during 1865. Later that same year, Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad opened large shops here for repair work.

Sedalia, Missouri is situated in west-central Missouri and serves as the county seat of Pettis County. Easily accessible to state capital Jefferson City and Lake of the Ozarks recreational area, Sedalia boasts top-tier schools like State Fair Community College – making it an attractive location to call home. Median home prices in Sedalia currently stand at $215,500 while its population has steadily been growing since 2020.